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The Tech Challenge is an annual team engineering design challenge for students in grades 4-12 where they develop creative solutions to a real-world problem.

It helps children improve their creative problem solving and teamwork skills.

Participants spend months collaborating and documenting their progress and designs.

The program culminates in a final showcase in April 2024 in front of judges. 

It is conducted by The Tech Interactive, San Jose.

2024 Tech Challenge: Cosmic Quest

The scenario: SPACE – the possibilities are limitless!

From figuring out how to redirect asteroids to finding planets that could support life, scientists are always collecting information about our universe. Scientists are on a quest to learn more about a distant planet and its largest moon. Can your team deliver fragile, but highly important supplies to this moon’s surface?


The challenge: Deliver multiple payloads to different locations.


  • Each team can include 2-6 students and competes in the division for the team member from the highest grade: Division 1 (grades 4-5), Division 2 (grade 6), Division 3 (grade 7).

  • Meet regularly to work on the challenge together between Nov to April.

  • Each team requires at least 1 adult adviser who are responsible for:

    • Registering the team on the Tech Challenge website and communicating with the team

    • Mentoring the team

    • Registering the team for participant events conducted by the Tech Interactive: Info Clinic, Adviser Training, Team Workshop, 2 Test Trials

    • Helping the team submit the engineering journal in PDF format and participate in the final showcase

Final Showcase

  • Event is on Saturday April 27, 2024 at South Hall, 435 S. Market Street in Downtown San Jose.

  • Teams present their design and are judged based on:

    • Engineering process interview

    • Engineering journal (maintain during the project duration and submit in PDF format BEFORE the final showcase)

    • Performance (6 minutes to demonstrate)

  • Team costume contest

  • Final Showcase info

Video Contest

  • Team creates a video (up to 3 minutes long) detailing their process and showcase the devices they built.

  • Video submissions will be judged on creativity, visual and audio appeals, and how well it tells your story.
  • Video Contest Rules

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